Loan Application

We Require the Following:

  1. Completed Application Packet (all pages attached to this cover sheet).
  2. Valid driver’s license or California picture ID.
  3. California Vehicle Title (Pink Slip) for your vehicle- Both front and back.
  4. Social Security Card.
  5. California Vehicle Registration (must be registered in California).
  6. Proof of FULL COVERAGE insurance for your car (at most a $1000 deductible) listing Page.
  7. Financial, LLC as lien holder. Ask how we can help.
  8. Proof of residence (utility bill with your name and service address from the past 30 days).
  9. If you are employed, your most recent pay stub. If you are self-employed, your most recent bank statement and first two pages of your most recent Federal tax filing. If you have other sources of income you want us to consider, please provide proof of such income.
  10. Spare Keys to Vehicle (working ignition key).

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Title Loan Requirements (PDF)

Loan Application (WORD)